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Frequently asked Questions

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While we specialize in certain areas, we assist with buying and selling all over Central Texas. If you aren’t sure if we serve your area please reach out, we would be happy to discuss!

No! We assist with all real estate transactions!

Because Magnolia Realty is built on the foundation that home is the most important place on earth, and we couldn’t agree more. This is where it all starts. The journey of creating spaces you love—where you can grow, rest, and belong—all begins with finding home. Founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines in 2007, Magnolia Realty was born out of the belief that home isn’t just a handful of walls, but the very place where you become who you were made to be. 

Yes! We highly recommend: 

Nick Pronsky
Fairway Mortgage
[email protected]

Cheryl New
Guild Mortgage

Ashlynn Kelso
Thrive Mortgage

Yes! We have a network of agents out of our area and out of state we would be happy to connect you with.

Yes! I’ve got an extra-special recommendation for you – J Murdock Homes, where creativity, quality, and passion collide to create the perfect abode tailored just for you. And guess what? J. Murdock Homes is the brainchild of none other than my charming husband, James! So, not only do you get the expertise of a top-notch custom home builder, but you also get a house made with love and the occasional nudge of a discerning wife (that’s me!). Find out more about J Murdock Homes here,

We are dedicated to more than just securing the listing; our goal is to sell your home and ensure a successful closing. Our unwavering commitment to you means that we will always be transparent, providing you, as the seller, with clear guidance on what is necessary to prepare your home for the market. With a hands-on approach, we are always happy to assist with the necessary preparations.

In today’s competitive market, staging is essential, and we make it a priority for every listing, complemented by top-notch professional photography. Our strategy includes showcasing your property on Magnolia’s prominent social media platforms to maximize its exposure. We firmly believe that utilizing social media and fostering strong community connections are crucial for effective marketing, and we excel in both areas.

If you would like more information about our marketing strategies, let’s chat soon!

Absolutely! Our expertise lies in assisting clients with buying new construction properties. Over the years, we have successfully guided numerous buyers through the process of purchasing their dream homes in new developments. Our goal is to make your new construction buying experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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I'm passionate about CREATING VALUE and REAL RESULTS for my clients.

How it WORKS

01 Get to know Your Audience

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02 Develop Targeted Messaging

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03 Consistency and Action

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